How to fix display of my SVG logo?


How to fix size of my SVG logo?

   <a class="navbar-item" href="#">
        <img class="navbar-logo" src="./HR - Home_files/logo.svg" alt="">

<img class="navbar-logo" src="./HR - Home_files/logo.svg" alt="" width="" height="">
not work ?

It actually doesnt

      <div class="left-brand">
          <a class="navbar-item" href="#">
            <img src="./HR - Home_files/logo.svg" alt="logo" width="500px" height="400px">

it remains the same way :frowning:

First, try refactoring your src path
because it’s a bad practice to include spaces to the route

./myDevice/folder project/logo.svg


In this example I renamed the folder called folder project to folder_project to avoid using spaces on the path.

Last you should remove px from the width and height

Check the documentation whenever you are stuck:


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These are indeed good practices to adopt!
But I don’t think this really solves his issue.

Oh then the issue should probably come from somewhere else in the code. Can you please share all the HTML and the CSS related to that specific part ?

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