Image and svg not loading on page

I don’t understand why image is not loading on the page. I have image which I want to replace with another image that’s in the same location but its not loading. I have checked the file path and file type everything is ok. It outputs the alt attribute but not the image itself.
it displays this image.

<img src="img/logo.png" alt="logo" class="logo">

but its doesnt display this image only shows the alt attribute. its in the same location.
<img src="img/logo1.png" alt="logo" class="logo">

What is your file structure looks like?

Main folder >>> sub folders css img js sass index.html.

I have installed file loader for images and also added rules to package.json file.

                test: /\.(png|svg|jpe?g|gif)$/,
                use: {
                    loader: "file-loader",