How to fix JavaScript cross browser compatibility issues?

I’m facing issues working with JavaScript. JavaScript browser compatibility pops up when I try to use modern JavaScript features that are not supported on older browsers or browser versions.

What should I do?

What, in particular, are you having a problem with? What is the situation where you are seeing these issues? And are you a beginner, learning the language, or are you building something IRL that uses JS and needs to work on (eg) Internet Explorer?

The options you have are:

  1. Don’t use the newer features
  2. Automatically polyfill the newer features (this is what tools like Babel are for, they can take code written using newer features and produce code that works on older browsers)
  3. Manually polyfill the newer features if you just want one small thing. For example, if you want to use Array.prototype.flat and your browser doesn’t support it, it is very easy to add that method to the Array prototype. The instructions for doing so are normally attached to the documentation on MDN.
  4. Use a newer browser – there are very few features of Javascript that aren’t supported in modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari for example)

JavaScript is, with a few exceptions, backwards compatible. Almost everything that is a newer feature can be constructed using older, existing features. Bar those exceptions (Proxies, for example), which can’t be polyfilled, JS code can always be converted by Babel or a similar tool to work on older browsers.

Yes, I’m a beginner.
Thanks for the insights. Much appreciate it.

What is it exactly that you’re finding you can’t use that you want to?

Features are not working properly in IE.

IE has been 'end of life’d so I wouldn’t prioritize IE compatibility

Yep, technical support for it stopped a year ago, and it’ll be completely terminated next summer. Is there a specific reason you want to make things work for it @saanvisenpix ?

No, was just curious if it still works or not. Most of the time I use chrome for my work.

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