How to flip a certain area of image from top to bottom.

def flip_vertical(image, col_index, row_index, height, width):
   for column in range(col_index, col_index + width):
          for row in range(row_index, (row_index + height) // 2):              
            temp = image[row][column]
            image[row][column] = image[len(image)- row -1][column]
            image[len(image)- row - 1][column] = temp

I can only pass some cases but not all cases. How can I do to fix my code.

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I mean, print out the results of the challenges you fail and look where the difference to the expected result is.
If you pass some and fail others, sounds like your loop is not running the correct number of times.

Also one nice feature of Python is that you can make multiple assignments in one line.
For example, switching the value of two numbers is:

a, b = b, a

So you don’t need to use temp.

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