How to format a date that is a value in array of objects

array1=[{description:'run', 'duration':23, date:2200-2-11, id:12},
                   {description:'fun', 'duration':3, date:2200-3-11, id:1},
                   {description:'gun', 'duration':20, date:2200-9-11, id:2},
                   {description:'yummy', 'duration':21, date:2200-10-11, id:14}];
console.log(array1[0].date) => {
let dateFormatted = new Date(;
return dateFormatted;  
// How we can format all dates to toDateString()

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You are not storing the dates correctly when you create array1.


This is setting the date property to the number 2187 because it is treating it as 2200 minus 2 minus 11. So you’ll want to store the date as a string (keep the format you have). Then in the map you can split the date on the dash and pass the three values into a new Date object to get them nicely formatted with toDateString.

Refer to MDN’s documentation on Date for more info.


Thanks a lot

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