How to get Certificate on new website?

Okay so I was literally one project away from getting my Front End Developer Certifcate, and now this new update changed…how do I get this certificate?

While I don’t really “need” this Certificate but it is really irritating to have done all that now, it just suddenly expanded. I would like the original cert just for completionist sake of the original site. I don’t want to do all the added stuff to get my certificate for now as I was going to be working on other stuff.

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never mind, just found it myself after a lot of digging! For those wanting to find it, scroll down this page and it’ll show the new certificates and the old to claim:

Can you post a picture for that page? Why I can not find those certificate claims?


I dont have a picture but on the Settings page that I linked, you scroll down to the section that says “Academic Honesty Policy” and accept their terms. Then I believe you should be able to see the certs if you scroll down once you finished the projects

So now you will post external links to projects on that settings page & they’ll verify?

Projects were always submitted by submitting an external link.