How to get good at writing algorithms?

I firmly believe that with enough time and practice most things are possible, and programming is no different. I have been doing FCC full-time now for the past couple weeks and I’m getting to the section on algorithms. It seems that this will be the hardest part for me, mainly because I am still learning syntax and how to use loops. The FCC curriculum is obviously geared to give students the exposure needed to get proficient, but i’m curious at what point others started to feel confident and if there are common resources outside FCC that have helped you. I am coming from the finance world so i’m really comfortable using excel and building various financial models based on complicated logic, but javascript is no excel lol.

Thanks for any advice you guys can share. Onward and upward! - Joseph

Think of JS code like your Excel Cell formulas, manipulating the data. But instead of changing the data in a single cell, it’s changing the data in a variable. And instead of a one-shot deal, it’s a series of steps that need to be performed in sequence, repeated until some condition is met, etc.

There is a site,, that shows solutions/algorithm to some common (and not so common problems). You can look and study the solutions, but I admit some of the solutions are complicated.

sometimes you just need to break it down step by step, or draw it out on paper and use a pencil to write down what the variables are… or use a debugger.

Rosetta Code looks like a great resource. Thanks for the feedback!

How far are you now? What’s the hardest part? I’m at Intermediate Algorithms and it’s kicking my butt!