Stuck at fcc basic algarithm scripting

Hello so ive spent months learning fcc javascript carriculum but when i got to basic algarithm scripting I realized I cant create algarithm for the basic algarithm challenges,

Does this mean I ddnt learn lessons well ? Because i feel ive wasted time

The lessons basically just introduce you to the syntax and give you some idea of what JavaScript can do.

You don’t really learn JavaScript until you start trying to figure out the challenges.

With each algorithm challenge, write down in plain language what steps you would take to manually solve the problem.

Then click through the previous JavaScript lessons to remind yourself of what JavaScript can do. Your main tools will be loops, arrays, string manipulation, and dealing with objects.

Try to find the right syntax that describes what you wrote in plain language.

Remember - algorithm really just means ‘steps’. Don’t let the word intimidate you. These challenges just want you to think through the steps you need to take.

If you struggle with the syntax, try asking more detailed questions here about how to achieve the steps you’ve figured out.

Good luck!

It’s hard, but you can do it!