Can't pass basic algorithm scripting


I had pretty good understanding about the basic JS content so far, but I found basic algorithm scripting part is very difficult.

I couldn’t solve a thing and don’t even know where and how to start write codes. I had to look at the solution and break it down so I could understand.

Should I learn more algorithm on Youtube or should I just keep going? Can someone please give me some advice if you’ve being there?


This stuff is hard. It’s normal to struggle with it. Always feel welcome to ask us for help. We can work with you to find a solution instead of looking one up.

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Thank you :blush:
I will try my best to overcome.

I could have written this post. In fact, I almost did write something very similar earlier today.

The first basic algorithm challenge (convert to Fahrenheit) was really easy, but after that, I’m looking up hints and tutorials about everything.

My plan is to slow down, and practice stuff more. I bought a book that I saw was recommended by a couple people on this forum. I’m looking into The Odin Project. I’m not going to go through the whole thing, but maybe the Javascript portions will help.

@cherylm I totally agree with you that the (convert to Fahrenheit) was really easy then I have no idea about the second and third question.

Good idea reading book and learning more. I am planning to stick with FCC curriculum and try to understand every question in the algorithm part even if I have to look at the solution.

Your words make me feel better that knowing I am not alone in this. It seems we are on the same pace here. Let’s keep going!

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Yes, I will definitely keep going. We will get the hang of this :slight_smile:

My code works for the first set of numbers, which should mean that it is operational (there’s no difference between being able to do that and the others)… however the final WalmartOne two ranges do not work, they fall short. However I think my code is being “cut off” after a certain point from all the troubleshooting I’ve been doing, especially because when I uncomment or comment a console.log()

Hey @Ibrahime, feel free to create a topic that includes your code and describes the problems you’re having.