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I’m trying to do the portfolio page on html and css project, the sample page has nice pictures of the creator’s projects, and I don’t know how to do that for my projects. My projects were made on VScode, and are saved as files on my computer. I tried learning how to use github but I don’t understand it yet, and just want to find a way to post my project as an image.

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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Hi @mike.confalone1224 !

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Codepen has an option to get screenshots for your projects.

Thank you, I will try now. I made the projects on visual studio code but will see if I can upload them to codepen without having to pay a subscription

I think you only have to pay if you want to customize your screenshots.

The free version of codepen allows only one project but an unlimited number of Pens. Note that the freeCodeCamp example projects are Pens, and the freeCodeCamp test suite is in a Pen that users can fork.