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image adding on our projects to the personal portfolio isn’t going right for me. Your suggestions for it?

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Can you post your code or link to it. So that we can take a look at what exactly is going wrong?

its in the halfway ,i have just started it.

Keep working until the end. Is pretty good so far.
Is missing the Style.css Stylesheet.

hey Bhrath I see that all your img src tags are empty. I am assuming you are asking how to place your projects image there.

When I first made it I uploaded a screenshot of some of my projects page to google drive and and changed a couple settings there and pasted the link in the img src. (You can see a youtube video how to put google drive images in website)

I just figured this out: Alternatively what you can do it in your codepen page

Right click and then click inspect element. Then click on sources. Click on assets. codepen. io tab then right click and open the project images in new tab and paste that image in the image src.

What you can also do is host your website on netlify for free, there you can place all the screenshots of your image in a folder along with a index.html file in you computer and drag and drop/upload that file to netlify. there in img src you just put the project image name like survery.png/jpg and so on and save the screen shot of the image accordingly after cropping and all in GIMP or paint. Or if you use opera then it has an option to crop the screenshot to take screenshot of what you want I’m not sure about other browsers.

Lastly you can also get your own hosting which I did in the middle but now I know that for small sites like these it’s not necessary.

Check my site out hosted in netlify for free

I think the easiest method would be just to use the codepen images or upload them publicly to somewhere like imgur, pinterest instagram google drive etc


@BharathBellamkonda, Codepen creates large and small screenshots of your pens that can be used in your portfolio. Their official documentation explains how to access them.


Thanks ankur for helping out. I will reach to you for further doubts.your page has some good design.

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Thanks Roma for mentioning.

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Sure brother I’d be happy to help

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Thank you for your guidance. I have spent 3 hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t get images to show on my editor. I upgraded to CodePen PRO after reading your reply and now I can easily add images. UGH that would have been helpful to know in the lesson!!!

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