How to get rid of the border around a div block?

I am working on the front end project: the tribute page. I divided the page into two columns. One column will be filled by an image and other with text. I am able to divide the page in two equal columns, but there is a thin white border on the left and right of the image column. I want to remove this white border.

I hoped this would solve the problem:


But the white border still remains.

This is the link of the project:
Anshul’s tribute page

It would be really great if anyone could help me out here!

This line in your CSS code doesn’t belong there as it’s not CSS code, and should be placed inside the HEAD in your HTML section instead.

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

That should help to eliminate some of it, at least.

Also you should get rid of all of the inline styles in the HTML section, and move those to the CSS section instead. Talk about a maintenance nightmare!

Thank you @astv99! Applying your suggestion solved a complete different problem I was facing: Now the font is showing up as expected!

However, the white border issue remains!

If you’re referring to the white “border” that I think you are, which isn’t technically a border (borders are defined with the CSS “border” property), that’s because you’re using the Bootstrap “container” class on that DIV tag, which adds extra spacing. If you delete the “container” class, that whitespace will disappear.

Also I noticed that you didn’t place the previous LINK tag correctly. It goes inside the HEAD, which you can either add manually, or on CodePen you can use the Pen Settings to add it there.

Edit: If your goal is what I think it is, what you should do is change the “container” class in that DIV tag to any other different name of your choosing, and then change the class name in your CSS section appropriately to match it. That will allow the image to stretch to 100% inside the parent DIV, without adding any of the spacing that Bootstrap’s container class adds.

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Thanks a lot @astv99 ! This solved my problem.