White-space line between div and border line

I’m practicing CSS and HTML, I encountered a white-space line between div and end of the border line its killing me because I can’t find a solution to that and i don’t really know why it exist there even though i use 100% width margin and padding 0,

and found out that white-space line wasn’t there when I’m using mozilla firefox, but when i’am using Goggle Chrome its there. How can I solve this on google chrome

here is the pen: click here for pen

Your are welcome to the community.

Have you fixed the problem?

I can see the pen is updated and could not observe that white-space anymore.

My browser is Firefox.

Not yet. That is the problem mate when I’am using firefox those gap was missing, but when using Google Chrome the white-space was there

You fix it? I’m on chrome and don’t see it