How to improve my English for a job? Level is A2

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I just want some advices about English. My level is A2 , I can speak for some topics but sometimes not understand at all. I have been worked at Renaissance Hotel for 5 month and of course with expats but we spoke only in general talks. Now I want to get a job like Flight Attendant at our national airline in Kazakhstan but my english is not so good. How do i improve it? I watch movies , Tv series but it doesnt help, how can i develop my vocabulary immediately? Thanx an advance.

To search similar words that understand same some way to know more english word. The best way talk english every day.

how can i develop my vocabulary immediately?

Immediately? I don’t know how I would do that immediately.

Some thoughts:

Many times we encounter words that we don’t know and just skip over them. Whenever I am reading in a foreign language and I see a word I don’t know, I write it down so I can look it up later. Then I make a flashcard for it later. I think the best way to build a vocabulary is to build it off actual words we encounter.

There are expats there? Do any of them want to learn your language? Maybe trade time with them, have coffee for an hour and you help them with Kazakh for 30 minutes and they help you for 30 minutes.

But I think the key is to read, listen, and speak as much as possible. Read, read, read. Listen. You may not think you are learning a lot from watching TV, but you are. And talk - hang out with English speakers. Maybe there is even a meetup of people learning English. Or hang out with those expats.

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You could use Anki as software, but seeing your current English level, you’re not doing so badly. I’m not a native English speaker, btw. I am guessing you want to communicate. Actively. And not just passively, like watching movies, listening to songs or radio etc. Actively using a language (writing or speaking) is the most difficult thing. And of those two, talking is the most difficult one.

I have only one advice: “If you want to learn how to speak a foreign language, you have to do just that: speak.” No amount of listening to TV shows will teach you how to to talk.

Try to find as many opportunities as you can find to talk English. This is much harder than it sounds, I know. You seem to have been doing that by trying to talk to Expats, and you are on the right track.

There are some other options:

  1. If you have some money to spend: go and find a tutor or teacher on iTalki. Through Skype. Teachers are professionals that will come up with a plan, and help you move forward. They are more expensive than tutors. Tutors are non-professionals who love helping people out, and usually they don’t have a plan, but you can tell them up front what subject you like to talk about, and they will help and correct you. You can even ask them to listen to you reading parts of a book, and correct your pronunciation. Since they aren’t professionals, they are cheaper, but you can’t really expect them to have a plan. On iTalki, I have personally been learning Mandarin with a professional teacher and I have been polishing up my French with a tutor. It has helped me amazingly well.

  2. If you don’t have money to spend, there are still options, but some are ‘hit-and-miss’. Meaning: they sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. You need to be a bit lucky here.
    a. Try language exchange sites (Speaky, InterPals, etc). Trade languages. You teach/correct someone else who is trying to learn your language for half an hour or so, and then you switch, and that person corrects your English. The problem is that English is very often the most wanted language and your language might not be. So it might be hard to find an exchange.
    b. If you are into video games: join a guild in your favorite game that uses English, and also uses voice com (like Discord, TeamSpeak, PS4 chat, etc.).

If all that fails: try reading a book out loud, or repeat sentences. Whatever it is you do, moving your facial muscles and trying to speak a language will always help!

very good advice from @kevinSmith The sooner you start talking and reading with a group of people whose first language is english the better.