How to learn a JS when u don‘t know mathematics?

Really. l didn’t study at School mathematics but I know how to study this algorithms. I UNDERSTAND IT BUT I DINT KNOW how to count and I don’t understand why I need because the calculators exist for a long time. It’s really difficult to me… I don’t understand.

Same, I’m good at geometry and trigonometry but not algebra, not one tiny bit. So I’m joining here to read the answers.

Algorithms is not really about math, or at least not what most people mean when they say ‘math’. Algorithms is more about logical problem solving and common patterns you see in a lot of different problems.

The idea behind solving algorithms problems and challenges is learning to recognize these patterns so that you can solve new problems that people have not seen before.

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Though Mathematics helps to develop problem solving skills. Is not strictly necessary, what you need is Logical Thinking and Systems Thinking.
Algorithms are about solving a problem, not to draft a plane or determinate the variable of a system of equations. Though these stuff may help you is not indispensable.
On the other hand I know many folks who have taken three or four math courses in their degree, their problem solving skills did not improve.
So, is more a method of thinking, a habit, a skill you need to develop through practice.


Yeah, but… the first tasks of JS is how to count, divide and multiply… I need to know how to do this but I really don’t know why…eg. this…why…how?

You aren’t actually doing the calculations… That challenge is asking you to tell the computer to do the calculations for you.

Sometimes you need to tell the computer to do a calculation. It is not necessary for you to be amazingly fast at doing multiplication for you to know how to tell the computer to do multiplication.

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Speaking as someone with a software engineering job, I can say that you’d be surprised how often mathematics are needed. Yes, there are certain advanced mathematics that are not needed, but especially in data analytics you’ll need to know how to write mathematical statements like the one you posted in different programming languages.

It really depends upon the type of programming you do how much math you need, but Algorithms is not about ‘math’ as people commonly understand the word.

I dint understand really. What I need to do in this task? I really don’t know what is 13*13 so what I need to write?..

I understand the algorithms but this… nope

It would help if you post a link to the challenge and your current code.

You need to edit the starter code so that result stored in the variable is 80. If you don’t know how to do the arithmatic, you can use a calculator. The point of this challenge is to show you what * does; you doing the arithmatic yourself is not important.

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Okey, what I need to do here if no calculate?

Please actually post your code and a link to the challenge instead of just posting screenshots.

The challenge says to change the 0 to a different number so that the variable product holds 80. If you do not know number to multiply 8 by to make 80, you can use a calculator.

You are very vixenish…
Idk what I need to do. Howfrom 0 make 80?

You don’t make 80 from 0. That’s not what the instructions say.

var product = 8 * PutSomethingHereSoTheResultInTheVariableIs80;

Replace the 0 with a different number so that 8 times that number is 80. Again, if you do not know what number you can multiply 8 by to make 80, the you can use a calculator.

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I’ll try to help with this problem.

You are making a party and you need 80$ to get the food.
Each friend you invite will give you 8$.
How many friends you need to invite to pay 0$ out of your pocket?

That is a real-life algebra question and I’m sure you can solve it.

Well… as I said recently I didn’t study at school and I really don’t know how many friends. If it’s 80 and 10 so I need a 8 friends… smth like that. But if it’s 8$ idk how to count. Really… I’m sorry, I’m too dumb.

Don’t say “I’m too dumb”, say “I will get smarter”.
It is a simple lack of good education system.

Best advice I can give is to finish your math at least on 8-th grade level.
If you like algorithms that means you can think logically in steps - learning math should be relatively easy for you.

I am serious. I learned math properly after i turned 30, and it was a good experience.

Watch these well prepared free lessons. Start at the beggining, listen to Sal’s lectures and finish all practice questions up to 8-th grade (optimally high school).
Yes, get pen and paper and do it by hand.

You will be surprised how much of a difference a good tutor makes.
You will also feel extremely good about yourself understanding all of those things, trust me.

Best of luck.


Thanks. I didn’t know before where to start learning math at all

As Jeremy has pointed out, these challenges don’t require you to do arithmetic. They require you to tell the computer to do arithmetic. You mentioned not needing to know how to do these things because we have calculators, but the challenges like this are basically the same as using a calculator. If you wanted to know what 2 times 4 is, you would type 2 * 4 or 2 x 4 in your calculator.

It seems like your lack of familiarity with arithmetic is creating a mental block for you, even though being able to do mental math isn’t actually required for the task. I think it probably would be a good idea to find some free materials, like good youtube videos, to increase your comfort with arithmetic. It might make you feel more confident as you learn to code, and it actually is very convenient to be able to do the math yourself to be sure that the answers from code and/or a calculator were entered correctly.

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