How to learn node.js for backend using internet?

I’ve started learning Node.js to become a backend dev. But the problem is that I really long learn particular things. For example, I learnt sequelize few weeks, the same thing with mongodb. And I’ll give an example with it. So when I started learning mongodb, I’ve entered their official site. I downloaded desktop version, then I quite long investigated, why and where physical db is saved in file system. Then I didn’t understand what is Schema, why it is in Atlas, but there’s not in desktop version. I’ve caught a feeling, that you can`t just start read docs and understand this topic, you also need to browse stackoverflow and google to understand whole picture. And such searchs take very lot of time. Is that normal and how be more effective in this stuff?

It seems like you’re trying to use a multitude of tools/software without understanding the purpose and goals of these tools and software.

A somewhat close analogy would be trying to teach somehow how to cook by buying them a large amount of top of the line kitchenware, so lots of pots/pans/knives/measuring cups, a fancy oven, microwave, fridge, etc etc. With these they can cook any number of things, but wont be able to or understand how to use any of these tools as they lack the purpose of these tools.

Usually you start with one key question:
What problem am I trying to learn how to solve?

From there you find an answer, in this case you already defined it. “I’m trying to learn how to build back-ends with nodejs”. There is of course the “why do you want to learn that?” question, but we will skip over it in favor of continuing.

So if you want to learn nodejs back-end development, the next question could be something like:
“What database technologies would I want/need to learn?”

This sort of question can’t really be answered without more context, or other questions like:

“What sort of thing am I trying to build?” or “What sort of things am I interested in building”?

Depending on how you answer that some databases might be better than others, or you might find you don’t need a database at all!

Knowing the differences might lead to other questions like:
“Whats SQL vs NoSQL”?

Or “Whats the right way to design my database”?

Not sure what you mean, but generally you should be “leading up” to learning specific tools with reasons on learning that tool. Without this “lead up” period your just learning things without any reason to learn them, or know why you’d use them. This can lead you into trouble as you end up “trying to find problems for solutions”, which is backwards to what you usually want.

So seek out to understand a problem, then seek the solutions to those problems first. Without that information you’ll waste more time and be more confused.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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