How to learn Python backend development?

I want to learn Python backed.Where to start from?I have seen plenty PHP resources on the net,but not the Python one.Can someone who has experience post any links?

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The free ebook called Learn Python The Hard Way is a great resource and was the first book I read on Python that made sense to me all the way through. I would start with this to expose you to Python in general and then pick a web framework such as Django or Flask if you want to develop websites with Python as the back-end.


It isn’t a link but a book, check out Python Crash Course. The first portion of the book takes you through all the basics of Python, and the second portion of the book takes you through 3 projects, one of which is setting up web applications. It deals with Django so you wont learn anything to do with Flask, but I found this book very easy to follow and read.

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Top recommended free resources

-Learn Python The Hard Way(currently 2.7 but 3.6 coming)
-Dive Into Python(2.7)
-Dive Into Python 3(3.6)


I will assume you already have knowledge of python. To get started with backend development using python, you have to make few decisions, first of which is deciding which of the python web framework you want to learn, because python has quite a number of them, with “DJANGO” and "FLASK"being the most popular of them all. But I will advise you to start with Django, because with django, you have less disciplines to worry about. Check out the following link to get started.

Finally, Django by Example is a nice book.

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Hitchhikers Guide to Python is a pretty good resource:
Also there are a ton of video tutorials for Django on YouTube, give it a search and you won’t run out of guides.

For learning the syntax and basic principles, I recommend Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. It’s a free book that you can read online and has a bunch of exercises for automating daily tasks.

Once I read that and completed all the exercises I was able to jump right into Django and get my feet wet with Python web development.

I recommend looking into the “web developement” course in Tableau Training in Pune

It teaches backend with Python, on Google App Engine. The video lectures are great, and they provide you with enough side-notes to be able to deal with a problem.