Whats the best place to learn python?

I want to start learning python from scrach and i would like to hear about good resources to learn from and tips on how to learn.

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I wished if Freecodecamp learns Python as well.

However, there are sources like codecademy that are like freecodecamp(although they are worse)

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I think EdX also has some courses on Python. You can take them free of charge, but for the certificates you need to pay.

Hi , I’m reading “think python” Link it’s an open source book , it’s easy to follow and it’s really fun to follow either.

Here is how I learned Python over a 5-7 year period. I’m ok, but these resources really helped:


Think Python (Book)
Learning Python the Hard Way (online website)
Python documentation


Fluent Python
Tango with Rango (Django)

I’ve heard a lot of good things about:

High Performance Python

I think there are a bunch of other ones that are pretty good as well, but those are ones that I’ve personally gone through and found useful!

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I suggest CodeCademy it has really good tutorials and gives step by step instructions.

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I started with Codecademy’s Python courses, but if I started again, I would directly jump to Real Python. They have free tutorials and also very high quality paid courses. All the material is very practical from the start.

I am personally a python developer and i started with a book “automate boring stuff with python”

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Lots of great suggestions already. I’ve been curating a list of learning resources for my side project, HackSource. Here’s the list of free ones I’ve come up with so far:

Hope it helps!


This first course is very hand’s on with many coding exercises etc…

This book is a long read but covers Python 3 extensively and is by a guy with nearly 20 years teaching people to learn Python.

My friend is good Python Programmer he has learned from online but for doubt clearation he took classes.So i suggest you to learn it online.

I would suggest Intellipaat online tutorial, it has good tutorials with examples and gives step by step guide. And am planning to take online training directly.

I’m also taking a Udemy course on python. It’s good to have the formalized structure.

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You can learn it from Corey schauffer’s Youtube => corey schauffer…He is an excellent tutor and his videos are very informational . I can’t recommend it more …Happy Coding