The New Boston Python 2.7 learning for new coders

About 2 years ago I was very happy to have found the new boston youtube channel.
I was able to follow along very easily with his lessons. His voice is very clear (I’m from Texas, USA)
I didn’t get bored and was able to make good progress learning to program python 2.7

My personal thanks to “Bucky.”

I totally recommend his channel thenewboston - AKA Bucky Roberts

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I also really like Learn Python The Hard Way and Dive Into Python

At this point, you shouldn’t be learning Python 2.x. Learn 3.x.

They’re really not all that different, so you should have no trouble maintaining Python 2.7 code if you have to.

But beware that on Windows node-gyp does not play nicely with Python 3, so if you are doing node dev alongside learning Python, you probably still wanna have 2.7 installed and set as the default.

Couple of hours wasted the other day learning that one the hard way…

Thanks. I have Dive into python.:+1:

Thanks for the heads up:+1:

I realize the python developers would like python 3 to take off but they should emphasize how to use the python 2.7 code examples with python 3. As a beginner I was just trying to get work done. There was headaches at times because I didn’t know when the sample code was 2.7 or 3.x.
At this point I have a fairly large project built and it is working. I hesitate to mess with the working code. I have other projects that need to be worked on first.
Thank you for the tip Jackson!
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