How to make a nice Web Dev Resume?

So guys,

I want to update my resume to focus it towards a Front-End Developer carreer.

However, as a lot of people here, I don’t have a “formal education” in it (I didn’t go to college or university on Computer Science, for example). I’ve just done some courses and I’m continually studying/practicing.

With that said - is there any model you guys use for your resumes? Do you have any tips in making it easy to read and also contain all info you want to show to recruiters?

I have some advice in a doc I wrote up here.


what ive noticed is that degrees and certifications really dont matter. all that matters is that you know how to code.

the best way to show a recruiter that you know how to code, since they themselves rarely know anything about actual code, is by having a clean looking website with a page linking to your projects. it doesn’t even have to be very fancy but they really dont give 2 cents about your GitHub repo or codepen.

you probably want to go for junior positions that dont expect you to know a tonne but are willing to train you up as long as you have good coding fundamentals. or if you know a specific thing really well like reactjs or regular javascript a firm might be willing to give you a shot.

so your site should be well organized and easy to navigate. choose a nice readable font and colors. use images that help you to communicate ideas.

all you need really is an intro, about me, portfolio and skills sections.

only put whats relevant. if you didnt go to school and you taught yourself then say that. if your website looks good then they will be even more impressed because youre obviously self motivated and can actually learn. talk about things that youve accomplished and what youre proud of, what youre working towards and what youre trying to work towards as a developer. and make it interesting

and probably the next more important thing about your resume site is your portfolio. you need links to atleast 1 or 2 projects that are mostly done and functional. i want to say atleast of your best works is ideal.

if youre focusing on front end then your design abilities need to be on display and reasonably polished/sophisticated (ie clearly better than a beginner)


I will read it asap!

Hi lucas,

I also working on this, what I’m doing is:

  1. Setup a public repository such as github or front-end you can use
  2. Put your project inside that public repository. Just an extra effort: you can describe what language or framework that you use from every project that you build.
  3. Link your portofolio with you CV, it made recruiter easily see your portofolio.

Don’t worry about your degree :wink: as long as you are keep update, try new technology, know Best practice or etc it will have a more value.

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That’s good man!

I have a portfolio page, it’s this one:

I tried to do exactly as you told! So, whenever I send my resume, I should send the link to the portfolio and also have it highlighted in my resume, right?

Great insights man! I’m working on the resume and I’ll make sure to have the porfolio link there!

And of course, I’ll keep studying and improving!

oh yes absolutely. youre website should be one of the first things they see so put it right up their with your contact information

also im not sure what type of position youre looking for specifically but it would help to have a more diverse set of designs or skills just to show youre not just a one trick pony

also knowing react or angular a HUGE benefit if not essential

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Angular is already on my list of skills to learn! React too!

I don’t have MANY projects to show yet, so I will show the ones I have done and I will constantly update my portfolio

Most jobs, if they require one, only require one of these. They basically do the same thing. I would pick one and get good at it and then (once you’re good at it an all its supporting libraries) you can learn the other if you really want to. They’re good to learn, but it’s more important to learn one very well. FCC teaches React, but Angular has its strengths - you’ll just have to go somewhere else for them.

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Which one will you personally recommend? And are there any recommendations of where to study React?

I like React, but there are plenty of people that love Angular. It’s kind of like Coke and Pepsi. And Vue would RC Cola.

Like I said, Free Code Camp teaches React as part of its program.


i like react because you have to build all your components from scratch and its all javascript but a lot of people dont like that.

angular also works on slightly different principles and have different capabilities but im not super sure about those. id say switch between them at first and then just stick to one that you like the most

react is most popular at the moment but they will both probably be in demand and well supported for years to come

the react tutorial on fcc is kinda trash in my opinion and the tutorials on the website itself is the best way to learn react. use all learning sources you can though

Yes, the FCC React section is not meant to be comprehensive. You can use it as a framework and supplement it when you need to fill in some wholes. FCC would have to grow at least 10x to be comprehensive on everything it teaches. Supplimenting where needed is always encouraged.

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Consider looking at the front-end developer job postings you would apply for and see what kind of experience they are requesting.

Most or all require
JS + Framework (React/Angular/Vue/Meteor)

For the jobs around my area, React definitely seemed the most popular so that is the direction I took.


I like the color choices. They’re fun, but not distracting.

I do think you should proof-read this website though. Portfolio is misspelled in the website title (and the URL). Career is misspelled in the bio, and nested parentheses aren’t usually a good idea. Also, “change my carreer from former Logistics Coordinator at IBM , to Property Administrator at Colliers International”, is kind of weird, since changing your career already implies that the first one is former. I’m not sure you need that comma either. I think fixing these small issues will just make it look more professional.

Good luck with your job search!

RC Cola !!? That is the Analogy of the year thus far lol. Amazing!!

@lucas.emg I have worked on my resume and actually started sharing them to get feedback on Linkedin (Due to this I got connected with some experienced developers by accident which was great). I have a portfolio that still needs to be improved upon but I did post two templates I made with Microsoft word. Check out this site I run to download them.

As long as your content looks good you should be fine. Clean, professional, content trumps everything as it is the first impression (my opinion)! I wish us all the best in our efforts and success on this journey we are on. Carry on Comrades!! LOL


MAAAAAAN that’s a beautiful resume! I’ve done more graphically cool, but your is REALLY cool !! I will try to work on something like that!

Thank you so much for the corrections! I have worked so much in this page that I haven’t even noticed all those things! hahaha Thank you again!