How to make a scroll bar

Hi everyone! I dont know if anyone knows how to help me but im about to complete my technical documentation page and im running into a problem! I can figured out how to make the scroll bar for the nav bar! D:

Can anyone give me a hand with this? I inspected the code of the original page and i cant find out how it was done!

Its the up and down scroll bar to the right of the nav bar where all the links are! Thanks!

You have to provide properties - overflow-y: auto, and overflow-x: hidden

That makes it x-axis non scrollable, but scrollable vertically.

Edit: Or you can also do overflow-y: scroll, which is the same thing

@kevinascanior I see someone’s given you the answer but in the future it’s better if you provide a link to your pen so we can see what you’ve tried. We can then help guide you rather than giving you the answer.

Also, it’s better to search rather than look at the sample code.
A little twist on your title as a search term would have given you things to try. If you don’t understand you can come here and ask about what you don’t understand.

You also have to make sure there is an actual overflow. If you allow the height of the container to expand, the content in the container will not overflow it.

Hey there Roma! I wanted to thank you for the suggestion! I dont use the forum to often and I’m still getting used to how it works!
Next time I’ll do that.

Regards, Kevin

Hi there!
I know its being a while but i wanted to thank you for the help!

take care and thanks again!

Hi there!

I wanted to say thanks! it really helped me a lot the suggestion! :slight_smile:

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