Don't know how to make a navbar scrollable

I’m at Project 4 of the Web Design Certification and I’m struggling to make my navbar scrollable, it’s just stuck there. Any help on this would be appreciated.
Thx in advance!

A front-end rookie

What do you mean not scrollable. Can you maybe provide some code? Or a link to you project code?

What I mean is I don’t know how to put in a scroll bar into my navbar via HTML.
Here’s my code if that’ll help:

Ahhh. I see. If you want to FORCE put a scroll bar. you can use

overflow: scroll;

if you want it to only be there when its needed RECOMENDED

overflow: auto;

you can also specifically tell it which way like

overflow-x: scroll;

for X axis (left and right) or

overflow-y: scroll

Y axis (Up and down)

Thx for the help man!

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No problem, Nice to know I helped :slight_smile:
Happy Coding!!

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