How to make multiple audio container play different audio

Hi there, i need help on how to make 2 or more audio containers with different songs to play, right now i have only 1 finished audio player container.

please try this code! its fully complete
just copy paste. thank you!

Copy and paste the HTML code for .audio-container again below your first code and change the link to the audio file. Also, I’m curious, did you write this all yourself, or did you copy it from a tutorial somewhere?

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thanks for reply, i did what you just said but the audio container two is not working.

Code UPDATED (Just Copy and Paste)

please leave a reply if you need more details ,thank you!


Unfortunately, Ellen, I can’t make copy-paste magic happen. I am pretty certain that you did not write most of the code yourself (which isn’t a big deal when you are learning), but the code was originally made for only one audio player. Because of this, it is hard to just copy and paste new code and expect it to work. You would need to rewrite most of the Javascript and some html to get everything to work.