How to move image to the left in portfolio? float doesnt work

How to move image to the left in portfolio? float doesnt work
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I’m trying to move my image to the left in my navigation bar, but using “float:left” doesn’t work. I have to use margin-right for it to move to the right, but doing it this way I dont’t know if its going slightly off the div or not. I will greatly appreciate any help. here is a link to my project and my css

display: flex;
height: 50px;
width: px;

font-family: “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;
color:#373735 ;


what did you mean by this ‘to the right’? smth like this?


Just reorder HTML

<div class="flex-container"> 
 <a class="bang" href=#> <div class="flex-item item1"> About
   <a class="bang2" href=#> <div class="flex-item item2"> portfolio
 <a class="bang3" href=#> <div class="flex-item item3"> Contact
   <img id="plus1" src="" alt="plus">
  <div id="second"> </div>
  <div id="third"> </div>
<div id="main"> </div>


my bad, I meant I want to move my image to the left near the border of my navigation bar. I can do that using margin-right, but I don’t know ifits going over my navigation bar that way or if its directly at the end of the bar. Is there any way I can do this? Float:left; isn’t working


I made a mistake, meant to say how to move it to the left. I can use margin-left but I want my image directly on the end of the border of my navigation bar, but if I do it with margin-left I don’t know if its going off of the navigation bar or not. Float:left isnt working. Is there any other way I can do this?


Try with this link :


ok i see , u use display flex there , im not a pro at it … yet hehe , so heres everything abt it i’m sure you will find the answer there) or check this w3schools demo, guess thats what you need