How to notes while learning to program?

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Can anyone guide about taking notes while learning from freecodecamp?

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I don’t know. Some people like taking notes some don’t. If you want to take notes, then take some.

I think a mistake that a lot of coding learners make is to think that they have to memorize everything. You don’t need to. You couldn’t even if you wanted - there is too much.

It’s more important to understand a lot of things and know of how to find things. As a professional developer, I am constantly checking out MD, Stack Overflow, the React docs, etc. Gradually you start to remember things, but it’s more important to know what is possible and to know where to look it up.

That being said, while I was learning, I kept a notepad next to my computer. If some concept came up that I thought I could understand better, I would write it down. There was a lesson on regex? I thought I should learn it better? I didn’t want to stop my progress so I made a note. The reduce method? Recursion? Coercion? Currying? Whatever - I just wrote it down on my list. And then when I had some time on some weekend, I would sit down and spend a few hours studying one of those until I thought I understood it well enough to cross it of my list.

Let us say there is something I wanted to take notes. That I cannot describe to Google. So when I learn it I’ll have to take notes. Could you name one software or website please

Notepad works. So does actual paper. Whatever works for you. It’s your notes.

I used to take notes but I would never look at them later. The only exceptions:

  1. I taped up a CSS cheatsheet on the wall near me and I use it once in a while.
  2. I have a notebook handy that I use to work out loops or sketch out things I want to make.
  3. I often use notepad to cut and paste long sections of code or short-term passwords, etc. Usually there’s one open on my desktop.
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I have a bunch of notes written on paper that I consult very often, but I’ve noticed that the longer you code, the fewer notes you take. Nowadays, I rather write down concepts and patterns instead of actual code.

I totally recommend writing code with a pen on paper though, without any syntax highlighting of a code editor, especially in the beginning. It seems that stuff gets processed differently in your brain then and you’re more likely to remember it.