Should I be taking notes?

Title pretty much says it. I’m new, and I’m loving this website. But I’m just curious on whether or not I should be taking notes. What do you recommend?

Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community~!

Taking notes is entirely up to you. Personally, I refer to the documentation more than any notes - the only notes I keep are certain things like the git commands to reset my fork to match the original repository.

Others, though, have mentioned keeping notes on things they are likely to forget. Whatever works best for remembering things - but I will say that the important aspect of learning programming is understanding the fundamental concepts, not memorising everything.


Hello @jalal_b, welcome to freeCodeCamp!

I used to take notes but then stopped as I realized I never reviewed them, never could find what I needed, and spent most of the time writing stuff down I could easily lookup.

The issues with taking notes or even trying to memorize is there is to much to take notes of and you don’t know what to specifically focus on. At a certain point you either skip over stuff, or you could just refer to official documentation to get everything all at once.

I personally try to boil things down to “what is this called, so I can look it up later”. As long as you know what something is called, you can learn more about it when you need it. In this sense Google becomes your note book, and you just need to know what you want to find in it :slight_smile:

You will end up memorizing some things over time, but this is more due to muscle memory rather than focusing on memorizing it. Everything else you don’t encounter enough is more or less a Google search away!