How-to-npm verify : not working

Hello every one -
I have managed to initialize the how-to-npm npm package from my Mac terminal, and opened the menu. However my several attempts at verifying npm file failed…

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?

I am getting the following message:
fullnames-MacBook-Air:how-to-npm accountname$ how-to-npm verify
-bash: how-to-npm: command not found

The terminal shows:

fullnames-MacBook-Air:how-to-npm accountname$ node index.js

Select an exercise and hit Enter to begin                          
» 00 Install npm                                                   
» 01 Dev Environment                                               
» 02 Login                                                         
» 03 Start A Project                                               
» 04 Install A Module                                              
» 05 Listing Dependencies                                          
» 06 npm Test                                                      
» 07 Package Niceties                                              
» 08 Publish                                                       
» 09 Version                                                       
» 10 Publish Again                                                 
» 11 Dist Tag                                                      
» 12 Dist Tag Removal                                              
» 13 Outdated                                                      
» 14 Update                                                        
» 15 Rm                                                            
» 16 Finale                                                        

 Hello, and welcome to the npm adventure workshop!  I am going to be  
 asking you to do various things with npm so that you can get started  
 with it easily.  
 Some helpful commands:  
 npm help ............ Get help with npm  
 how-to-npm print .... Re-display the current exercise  
 how-to-npm verify ... Verify that you have finished an exercise  
 how-to-npm solution . Show the solution for the current exercise  
 The first thing we're going to do is make sure that your npm  
 version is up to date.  
 Run `how-to-npm verify` once that is done.  
 (This is the only part of the workshop that requires network access.  
 If the network is busted, and you want to skip this one, you can run  
 `how-to-npm verify skip` to skip it.)  

fullnames-MacBook-Air:how-to-npm accountname$ npm --version
fullnames-MacBook-Air:how-to-npm accountname$ how-to-npm verify
-bash: how-to-npm: command not found
fullnames-MacBook-Air:how-to-npm accountname$

Do any of the other commands work?

If you are still looking for help, do the other commands work like @JohnnyBizzel asked?