How-To-NPM, weird 404 error

Im working thru the how-to-npm challenge on c9 just like it says to do on the challenge
When I type certain commands like npm outdated,
i get 404 error like this:

npm ERR! 404  'async' is not in the npm registry.

when I delete async from package.json, it will repeat the error message for the next package on the list, like express, then

I find it hard to believe that these packages really aren’t in the npm registry… anybody know whats going on?


i can not remember that i had such an error. But if i remember correctly, you must be sure to have the correct version of npm. If you want, we can have a look in my c9 workspace together. PM me if you are interested.

Kind regards

try npm install --registry

Tried running that. I’m still getting same error as OP…