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First off, the Managing Packages with NPM challenge says I can “Optionally, also submit a link to your project’s source code in the GitHubt Link field” which there is none. So after cloning and then pushing the project to my GitHub I saw there was no place to add my link. Second, this Replit build keeps failing and thus the link to my solution will not work. I keep getting a “exit status 1” when running the boilerplate-npm on replit.

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solution: boilerplate-npm - Replit

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Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

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What is the exact url of the live site? Make sure you are not submitting the repl link that shows the files and code.

HI @DukeBot18 !

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When I ran it, I am receiving this error message

Error: Cannot find module 'express'

That means you need to install express.
In the shell, you can run this command and hit enter

npm i express

You should see this similar output

Then click the run button again and it should work.
Make sure to submit the url found above the preview here

Hope that helps!

Your package.json already shows Express as a dependency. You do not have a package-lock.json file, so it seems you just need to run npm install and it will install the version of Express specified in the package.json file along with creating package-lock.json.

I ran npm install and the website now works. However after opening the site and submitting the URL for the challenge I now get a new error "/ running tests "dependencies" should include "moment" "moment" version should be "2.10.2" // tests completed

Are you still trying to pass the first challenge in this section? When I fork your current (shown above by you), I am able to pass the first challenge once I submit the live project url.

I am thinking you should delete the project and try clicking on the start project again and see if it creates the package-lock.json without you having to run npm install. If it does not create the file, then run npm install and then click the Run button. It should work.