How to present the results of a code in a forum? Help please

i ve been wondering. When i am asking about the functions of a code in the forum. How can i show the results of the codes as well? ive created a post and accidentally it worked but not 100%. I can see the result of the code as well the codes.

As shown below but as you can see the h2 selector is not working and is shown on the page.

please help

Thanks a mill.

If you want to share an image of what the result of an HTML challenge looks like, the best thing to do is take a screenshot.

I see. therefore you are saying i cant use the forum to display the final result of a code.

I don’t know what you mean. If you are trying to show what something looks like, you can share an image via the forum or you can share a link to a live version of your code.

ummm. sorry about that. i will try to explain. I dont know what right terms to use to explain what i want to know.

for example the page i posted in my question. Its actually working like a webpage. The cat picture is shown, the heading h2 size is shown, the links are working, the list "li"are shown. But the checkbox, the submit button and the color of the h2 font are not working.
When you look at what i posted. There is an arrow on the top right. if you click it, it shows you the code of the webpage.

Now my Question. is it possible to post a webpage in the forum as i have done but functioning 100%. Functioning meaning all the styles, checkboxes and buttons are working.

Because with what i see the web page is functioning a bit. Therefore i am wondering is there a forum formula (example:````html ```) that allows me to show a 100% functional web page on the forum when i post a code instead of print screen or link to the webpage etc.

If I understand what you are asking…

The only way this might be possible is through something like an iframe, but I would assume that functionality is disabled.

The forum software will try to render html if you don’t format it as code, but it will not look the same as a real web page because it’s just going to be translating html into the markup language used by the forum.

Also, when people see that you put html in the forum, they are going to assume that it’s a mistake and fix it for you by adding code formatting.

ummm not sure. look at my question, i have a page displayed. it includes a cat picture, title, list etc. But the selector h2 { color: blue; } is displayed on the page instead giving a blue color to the title (CatPhotoApp).

My question. Can i make the “CatphotoApp” title Blue in the page that i am showing in my question by using the selector h2 { color: blue; }?

Again…probably not on this platform. iframes are a container of HTML-rendered content. Like a webpage inside a webpage.

Therefore what i understand the forum software does not display blue color on the title (CatPhotoApp) when i use the selector h2 { color: blue; } as shown on the page that i have posted with my question. And other functions like a checkbox and submit button will not work as well. am i right?

You cannot use the forum to display full HTML. You cannot CSS in a forum post at all. The only HTML elements that will render in the forum are the styles that you can add using the post formatting (bold, italics, links, images, etc).

We’ve been trying to tell you since you first asked the question: In order to show what your rendered HTML looks like, you need to take a screenshot of it or share a link to a live version.

That’s not what the forum is designed to do. It’s what CodePen, JSBin, JSFiddle, and other services are for.

Hey @Sky020,
What you can do is go to JSFiddle, CodePen and put your code there and link it to the forum, because the forum cannot render a full HTML document and it won’t render your HTML that you applied to the document

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Thanks. sorry for asking alot around this weird topic :sob: . I just was wondering if its possible because of what i have seen :nerd_face:.

Many Thanks :smiley: