53 kitchen to computer

Hello code campers. This world is very new to me. using a macbook and learning to code. help guide me please.

Thank you,
Andrew Berzak

Hi there @ChefDrew,
You don’t have to worry too much, in my experience, the people here on freeCodeCamp (FCC) are very nice, helpful and willing to help guide you if you get stuck. Of course, there is some expectation that you put energy into learning the lessons and performing the tests (some people think they can get help with every little detail in every lesson/test, which might be making use of the kind forum-users a bit too much).
If you try your hardest, I am sure there are users willing to help when you get stuck with something or want some feedback.

By the way: Welcome to the world of coding, Andrew! :smiley:

Hello SwedishErik,
Thank you for the kind reply. I am working on things to the best of my ability., Its been a few 'years" since Ive been in a learning environment. boy have things changed. I will follow your advice.

Chef Drew