How to run Quality assurance tests

i’m trying to complete the Quality assurance course , one thing seems a bit unusual which is testing the code , i’m using the usual way of submitting the replit live URL , but either all tests are timing out or at least one of them which is not allowing me to pass the tests .
should i run the tests when my app is running or when it’s not , i tried both ways and i got the same results.

There is an issue with repls crashing when the QA tests run.

Have you tried stopping your repl and then entering the live link to FCC? This restarts the repl automatically and sometimes allows the challenge to pass on FCC before your repl crashes again.

Alternatively, you can start your repl and wait until the console shows that the tests are about to run and then quickly submit the link.

Finally, if you can’t get that to work, you can add the following code to the bottom of your Functional Tests file:

after(function() {

This reactivates your repl when it crashes and may allow you to pass the challenge without timeouts.

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i tried the first two ways but they didn’t work , but the code you provided solved the problem .
thank you .