How to run tests without pro subscription at

I do not have the pro subscription at so I cannot upload my assets (images used in my web page) to it. How should I run the tests? and if I am using github to host the page, on github pages, how do I use the CDN provided to run the tests. I am working on the tribute page right now. Any help will be great. Thanks,

If you want to use codepen you’ll have to upload your media files to some external hosting like cloudinary,, etc but not on imgur that doesn’t work with codepen.

If you are using github you just upload your media files there.

I have uploaded my code and images to github. Please help me regarding how to run tests on the page using the cdn provided on the project page.

just add <script src=""></script> to your page

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You’ll actually want to add the tests script as an external resource:

You can also fork the pen here: