TESTING problem

Not able to test my project on CodePen. Can’t get the burger button to appear.Also how to add images without a pro account…

Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

My Tribute Page Link:


I see the test script on your page, and show that you are passing all 10 tests.

For adding an image, you’ll need to use a url to the image on another hosting platform if you don’t want to purchase the CodePen pro subscription. :slight_smile:

For the image upload the images to free host or media like github social media like Facebook, in Facebook you can upload images and make the images only visible to you then use the link in your href

For the button remember to paste the script provided by freeCodeCamp at the assignment page, then from the drop-down select the current project you are on, then run the test

I use google drive… but the resolution of the image is lost.

I used Facebook you can try it too create an album for FCC if you want\like, To store your FCC images inorder to be organized or try GitHub I have not tried GitHub before for such but I think it should be fine

Great! Thanks for your prompt reply…

Your welcome
Would love to here from you when you get it done

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