How to send an email with form?

Hello, so as the title says, i have added a contact form at the end of a website but wanna know how to make it send my email if someone presses submit.

What should i use , how do i do it? And is it done with javascript or html/css.
I believe this is a simple so if there is a tutorial or something that would be greatly appreciated !

Basically, your browser and html work together to send the information from the form automatically, but you will need a mail application on the server to handle the form submission. If you have cpanel and softaculous, you can find one there–read the docs and follow them . Usually these are written in php and use php.mail.

A simpler way is to embed a google form and have it go to your gmail. The only problem here is that it will look like a google form.

Another even simpler way is just to put, but that’s not recommended because of spam issues.

I have found setting up email in general to be a much more complicated project than I’d imagined, because even once you have this set up, you may get deliverability issues, the phpmail sometimes takes 30 minutes to work, and you may have to set up your DKIM, SPF, DMARC records on your host.

take it slow and use a lot of google…

Ah well that clears some stuff up , thank you this should be helpful