How to setup a Webhook with Custom Discord Bot

So I wanna make a Discord Bot for a Discord Server and the goal is that everytime like at 10am the bot sends a message to a channel wich shows a website picture.

The Discord server i’m working on has a partnership with mod edit link removed and we from the server want that if a new deal comes in it shows a message with a picture and a weblink to the website and the product that is on sale. This should all happen automatically with out someone doing any command or something.

How can I do something like that?

Thanks for all responds


the best place to start is the Discord API documentation, or a discord API library documentation, like the dcoumentation of discord.js

This sounds like there are essentially 2 features of this bot:

  1. Post a picture at 1AM in a specific channel

  2. On a “new deal” to post to a specific channel a picture and link.

This bot is different then most tutorials out there, in that it doesn’t actually care about what people are messaging in the channels, instead its based around the idea of “an external event” that is either time based, or that “when a new deal comes in”.

The first requirement of doing something based on time can be done a number of ways, but primarily is usually called something along the lines of a “a cron job”. There are alternate ways of handling this, along with more details, such as which picture and where that picture is hosted, but looking into the idea of a “cron” job is at least the direction you’d need.

The “new deal comes in” is much more vague, and requires more details and foresight into how that feature will work. Your bot essentially will need to be “told” by another system that “a new deal comes in” or it goes out and checks itself.

This entire feature really depends on what you want to keep track of and thus my advice on this feature is more vague.

Overall however, building a discord bot isn’t super easy since chat has a lot of small niches and concerns you need to take into account. As said above, looking into the docs on how to build a bot is a good starting point. The docs usually assume you already know the basics of programming with the language of your choice as well.

Hopefully that is at least a starting point,
good luck, keep building keep learning :+1:

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Thank you for your reply. So the thing is i’m really new into programming and i was just looking if there is any easy way to achieve our idea. It seams like it would be a lot of hard and complicated work. But still thank you for the reply

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