How to setup my React project

How do I set up a React project with my device. Under create new project, there is React-17(Node), React-17(system JS), etc.
Which one do i go with?
Can I use a normal HTML/CSS setup?

I’m not sure what you mean by “device”. What kind of machine are you working on?

Have you heard of create-react-app?

Am using a mobile.
I installed an Editor and am trying to create a React project with it.
“Create React App”, is it a platform?

OK, I have no idea how to do web dev on a mobile device. Create React App is an npm package for setting up React projects.

Thanks for the response.

You might consider something like replit - I know people have done React there and you can set up a file structure in their sandbox.

But long term, I think you’re going to want access to a computer/laptop. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will have the memory and operating systems that will make this doable. But maybe I’m wrong, google it and see if there is anyone doing what you are trying to do.

You better off using an editor online like and when you finish your project you’ll have a better idea how it could work on mobile

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