How to shorten the URL?

I want to shorten the URL using ReactJS . How could i do that ?

I don’t understand the question. Can you explain what you mean, give some examples?

kindly check the snapshot .

Still not sure what you are asking here. What exactly do you need help with?

I need to help with how do i shorten the URL without any loss of information and functionality ? Are you getting me ?

Since you mentioned React specifically, I found this article that seems to give an easy tutorial for building a link shortener:

Sorry to be blunt here, but you need to learn how to ask questions. If you are having difficulty with a very specific issue that you are trying to work on in a very specific open source project, you actually need to tell people that information when you ask for help. As it is, the simple fact you’re asking

Would seem to indicate that you’re fairly seriously out of your depth. React is just a UI framework, it doesn’t define anything to do with shortening URLs based on the internal workings of some arbitrary server application. You may be fully aware of this and not phrased anything correctly, in which case I apologize! But we have no idea what you do or don’t know, or what you’ve tried so far.

Why this very, very specific, complex repo?

Just for the benefit of anyone reading the thread, OP is talking about this issue, which they seem to be trying to resolve

And I would point out that that we have a project that deals with shortening urls from the server side. But that doesn’t seem to be quite what you want.

And depending on the relationship between your client and server, React Router does give you some manipulation over the url. I don’t think it will work in your case here, but that’s just guess based on what I’m seeing in your URL and presuming that that is SSR. Which means that this is probably a server side problem and (as said) React won’t be able to do much about it.

I think you just need to keep learning (like most of us).