How to skip joining fb group

Hello am new to free code camp.i dont have a facebook id for respective email id which i gave in free code camp.Is there any way to skip the facebook group joining proceedure

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The button actually says “Open link in new tab (this unlocks the next step)”

So open the link in the new tab, then switch back to your freecodecamp tab, and the Finish Challenge button will be enabled. Just click on it. You don’t have to sign up for a Facebook group.

Warning: The next challege asks you to donate, but it works the same way as above.


I am also quitting the fb habit. It’s a shame so many websites go through them as a means of creating meetings, etc. I’d like to see a better way. Maybe an open-source social media page instead?

There are many alternatives to facebook. Two of the most popular with developers are Slack and Gitter. Actually, freeCodeCamp has a very active chat room on Gitter, as well as smaller chat rooms to discuss specific programming topics :slight_smile:

Reddit also has a pretty helpful FreeCodeCamp sub.

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you can open an empty account in FB just for the task… :slight_smile:

But you don’t have to. That was my point in my earlier post above.

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