How to solve node challenges

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Challenge: how to submit the file using link

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Hi @DevPranavSharma. Welcome to the forum!

I don’t think you’ll be able to use CodePen since these exercises need to run on the back-end. The recommended way is to clone the project on Glitch. In the Introduction to the Managing Packages with npm Challenges, there is a link to Glitch project you can clone.

I’d recommend signing up for a Glitch account (you can use your GitHub logon if you have one) and logging in before you clone the project so it saves to your account. Once you’ve completed each challenge, you’ll need to paste in the “Live App” URL from the Glitch project. You can get that by clicking the Share button at the top-left of Glitch, then selecting Live App and clicking the copy button.

Hope that helps!

Thanks monksy , it really worked for me

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