How to Spot Scam Job Offers?

So, I’ve been getting a couple of job offers in my inbox lately, but I’m not sure if they’re scams or not

They all seem to follow a pattern like this:

Dear (my-name),

We have recently started hiring for a new job which I thought you would be interested in. You can read the full job description here . Might this be of interest?

UI Developer with strong LESS /SASS skill

Client Name : (client-name)
Location : Dallas texas,
FULL TIME WITH (company)

-Create html templates based on design patterns provided

  • manage page templates to be responsive for supporting multiple devices

-manage page html template to be Accessible (504/508 section American disability act)

-close coordination with JavaScript developer for intigrating html and JavaScript

  • Creating and Utilizing reusable html components

Technical Requirements:

  • Strong HTML skill
  • Strong CSS knowledge
  • Strong LESS /SASS skill
  • knowledge on any html/js template engine like mustache/ractive/dust
  • basic JavaScript knowledge
  • working experience on designing responsive website for multiple devices types
  • experience developing Accessible website

I’d like to set up a call with you to discuss this opportunity. Before that could you pls furnish the below information.

Your willingness to work in Full time Employment :
Visa Status :
Years of experience in UI Development
SASS / LESS : Years of exp
SASS / LESS : (1 - 10 Skill Rating 10 being highest)
Willing to relocate to Dallas :
I look forward to hearing from you.

Anyone have any advice on what to look for when it comes to a legit job offer?

I’m no expert, but …

Is it a scam? I’d be worried if they were asking you to give them your SSN or something. Perhaps it’s just a generic form they send out. Maybe they look on linkedin (or whatever), look for the word “javascript” or buy an email list and send out a bunch of emails. It’s cheap.

But it may be legit. They may just be doing a shotgun approach. I’d send them an email back. If you’re worried about them being scammers, you could always create a dummy email account and reply through that. (I’m assuming that they’ve sent a lot of these out.)

As far as protecting yourself from scams, I’d always get a phone number where you can call them. You should be able to confirm that on a companies web site. They should also have a company email. I’d make sure to talk to someone on the phone. I’d avoid giving out personal information - obviously they don’t need your credit card numbers or bank accounts, etc. In theory they may want your SSN to do a credit check, but that would be deep in the interview process.

And obviously don’t even consider relocating until you have a contract.

It’s probably a recruiter looking to add to their database. The only ‘scammish’ part of it is they probably don’t have a job lined up… they just want to get your resume on file in case a job comes in.

That’s my opinion. It would be best to ask a recruiter what they think of this for greater insight.

Pertaining to that specific email, the only thing that seems fishy is the emphasis on LESS/SASS. They mention the CSS precompilers more than HTML, CSS, Javascript, or any frameworks lol. It takes practically no time to learn how to use them so why the needed “years of experience?”

But when it comes to those kinds of emails in general, no recruiter/company will ask you sensitive identity questions without first telling you the company name and location. Once you have that, a quick google search will tell you all you need to know. If there are people on linkedin (who have pictures and previous experience) that work for the company, there’s a high chance it’s legit. Just to be safe, I usually type in the company name + “scam” on the search bar. This is tell you if anyone else has been scammed by the company.

Companies do their research on prospective employees, you should be doing the same on them.

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