How to start my webdesign project

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Pick a subject

Create a HTML document and put in an <image> and a list of facts or common knowledge about your subject.

Image docs

List docs

This would be a good start :slight_smile:

i’m new to coding and this will be my first project. I use a window system and dont know where to start writing my code

Have you finished the lessons on html and css? If you’re new to this, it’s extra important that you take some time to learn the ropes before diving straight into making something.
If you did finish the lessons already, try put something together according to the user stories; or try sketching out what you want the page to look like on a paper first, and later figure out how to implement your design. The flow is different for everyone; and only you know what works for you.

i participated in the lessons but have no clue how to put them to practice

What @camelcamper suggested is a great way to get started; looking at the example demo helps give you a better idea of how the end product should look as well.
The tests on this project are not hard to pass, you can start with passing the tests (i.e. giving your page what the tests specified; until all tests turn green); then work on how the page looks later.

@meowjaja Alright, thanks a lot. I started with that already