Responsive Web Design Projects - How to / tips

Ok, I’m feeling a little lost with the Responsive web design projects, I’m not sure where I should start.
Anyone got any tips for starting the code from a blank canvas so to speak, feeling that the lessons haven’t sunk into my head enough.

Pen and paper, choose a subject, do a rough draft of what you want your project to look like

Then start with the basic html tags (h1, h2, p, ol, ul etc…) then start with css.
Apply Read-Search-Ask
If you want to do something but don’t remember how go through the challenges again (Read), google it, go through the css documentation (Search)… and if you can’t find it in any way, ask in the forum or others places were coders wander (Ask)

After your code pass all user stories and tests, post your project in the #project-feedback category to have help in making it even better! After that, submit your finished project!

Hi Leahleen, thanks for the response. I’m working through the HTML / CSS and have found it good. It’s more a trying to retain the examples and then applying that in the project that frustrated me, starting from scratch is daunting but I will be taking your tips on board.
I’m also planning to use this knowledge and apply it to my blog that’s on a WordPress webserver I’m self hosting. At the moment it’s minimal due to my lack of web development experience.
Thanks again

That’s something every creator will go through and I tell you, just start, it will be ugly, it will be wrong, but start, and after that never delete it all but keep making it better
(You may also find out that the order of things I said doesn’t work for you in a few projects, but for now…)

this video is 1 of a five part series that walks you through the process starting with a photoshop file.

I highly recommend it