Desperate for some guidance

I completed all theoretical courses of responsive web design a few moments ago( in about a week) and now am on my first project. The whole course was really easy and I thought project would be too but unexpectedly, it’s not. I don’t even know from where to begin. Any suggestions and recommendation would be appreciated. I really wanna start making websites and start freelancing.
Ignore poor grammar, not that good at English yet.

Start by building the first project in responsive web design. The projects are easy too. Just start building them.

One step at a time! => :100:

That’s the thing. My head’s just kinda empty. Don’t know from where to begin. I wonder if watching tutorials on youtube will help.

freecodecamp has everything required to make the projects!
Just start with the user story given to you in the projects.
Make a structure in which you will add things later on!

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Do you have any particular website in mind that you would like to create?. It can be anything really - a blog, professional services, small business, etc. But not ecommerce or newspaper as it’s very hard to build one and I doubt that one person can maintain it.

The only way to get better in coding is start something. Make plenty of mistakes, see what it works and what it did not. If you don’t understand why certain codes didn’t work the way you expect it, use the Read-Search-Ask method.

And more importantly, don’t try to do it all in a single day. You’ll get burnout and may abandon your project. Instead, split it into smaller tasks and do it one step at the time each day.
● Create a header
● Create a menu
● Create a main body
● Create a footer
● Change the color of the website
● Change the font size, style, color
● Make your site mobile responsive

If you want to know how to do any of them above or what else you can do in web development, go to W3School. This site provides you with many examples of how the code works and there’s a text editor where you can try out the codes. It has helped me tremendously in building my own project.

Here’s an article that might help you to get start working your first project.


Thanks for going through all that trouble, helped a lot. Yes I have the website I wanna make in mind. Its’s the first responsive web design project “Tribute page”
Did this much so far with some help from Youtube

how do you think this is progressing?

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Going good i would say!

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thanks :slight_smile:
This is what i made last month. Maybe you can get some idea from it.

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I’ve been there, thinking that after completing all the theoretical part, the practical will come as easy as the last one only to realize that this wasn’t the case. What I can recommend and that has worked for me, is to start again the theoretical side and at the same time try to perform the practical one. I know it could be like going back but it’s not, it will really help you to reassure all the things that you learned.

Keep up the good work and don’t give up :muscle:

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As I understand you are looking for step-by-step instruction, how to make a webpage from psd design. If so, you may use tutorials like this.

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Thanks! That’s a cool website.

Read the bootstrap documentation. That is my main advice, it’s really good and explains a lot of the things you will need. Also and

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Best of luck to you.

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By the way, another awesome learning website (mostly videos) is

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If you’re looking for inspiration on topics, just jot down your top 5 interests and delve into them a little. I’m interested in ghost towns, so I made a tribute to Surfridge:

If you’re looking for inspiration on design, firstly stop thinking about it so much. You’ll make REALLY cool websites later as you progress through the curriculum. There’s a whole section dedicated to messing about with front-end presentation. Your main focus right now is attaining and synthesizing understanding of the material. You should know what semantic HTML is, but don’t worry about Aria attributes yet. You should know why some things are written in HTML and some things are reserved for CSS, but don’t worry too much about using <strong> tags incorrectly. Just make sure you hit the user stories and present your communication in a meaningful way (that’s a subjective definition!). Secondly, query CodePen for “FCC Tribute page” for a few examples - there’s some really refined work out there, so don’t get hung up on small details unless you really want to. You can and should come back to your prior projects from time to time and consider refactoring your code (just wait til you learn Bootstrap!)

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Your tribute page is really cool. Thanks for the advice!

I felt the same way on the first few projects. I started by trying to do any basics that I could. Then I would look at the code of the example and base mine off that. It felt like copying and like I wasn’t learning but each subsequent project, I felt a little more comfortable and could look back at my own code instead of the example. It does start to sink in after a while. Just don’t give up!

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