How to start personal project(s)?

Hi all, I found a little bit difficult to start a personal project, I work as a software engineer, full time job, but I would like to start doing projects from my own. Do you have any advice to start a project, what is necessary to do, i kind of lost, I want a new challenge(s) to make me a better software engineer.
Sorry for my bad English

I think the key word there is “personal”, make it something you are truly interested in and it will turn out the best. Do you have any hobbies or interests that maybe aren’t software related?

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As @moT01 mentioned, keep it personal and keep it interesting. This is important for motivation as that passion for the subject whether it be animals, gaming, food, whatever will push you through the roadblocks that you’re guaranteed to hit along the way.

For me, i have found that you need to break down your project into its smallest components and then working your way up from smallest to largest. This will A) give you a better idea of the requirements for your software and B) help you to celebrate the minor victories along the way which again aids with motivation.

Another tip is documentation! A lot of people fall into a trap of thinking that documentation is purely for collaborative projects but documentation can actually provide a lot of guidelines for your project, provide an outlet for brainstorming ideas/solutions and can provide assistance when you later need to understand what a block of code does outside of comments inside your code editor.

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Thanks! @moT01 and @JordanSosa for the responses; Regarding my hobbies, yes I have hobbies, like practice or watching a sports, gaming and others. I think a good start, like you said, is to do something for my hobbies, keep the motivation in that area, keep it simple to celebrate the minor victories. :smile: