How to stay motivated?

Hello, my name is Gibson and I have been learning front end development for about 2 months now, recently started FCC and i am loving it. I am beginning to stall with my knowledge and it is causing me to be less motivated and I need help. What keeps you all going?

for me, a better future life to work as programmer.


Man, there are so much to do and learn that you will will be overhelmed with amount of things that you can’t and didn’t do yet for next 10 years :D.

Read this great article on motivation vs discipline and get back to work, I would go for some challenging FCC project ;).


Don’t just read bro. Its important you create things, no matter how small. nothing beats watching what you create come to life.

Also, id suggest you sign up for some charity organisation gig. when you see how much you can help with the little you know, then you start imagining whats possible, that in turn gears you up to keep at it.

And if all that doesn’t work, scroll through some job platforms like Indeed after seeing the average salaries and job pecks :joy: trust me, the motivation will come :wink:


Think of what your life will be like further down the road, and think about where you’ve come from on your journey. Switch up your environment, redecorate your study space, take a laptop out and sit in the sun while learning etc… go to a library, these all help a ton.

Just keep going at it, even if it’s for ten minutes a day, and you will build up a habit.

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Keep Coding and you will get Motivated. Do code everyday atleast for 10 mins. And always appreciate yourself for your small achievements. Celebrate everytime when your code works. :smiley:

Good point to code a bit each day, but if you are feeling burnt out from learning then do something fun with the code. As mentioned, create something because you want to.

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and we could actually reward ourselves with some chocolates or pastries or ice creams :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Happy Coding!

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Could You expand on this? where to find it?

Hi RadoslaWKa,

The list of charity organisations who need developers are endless, but here’s my favorite two.

Social Coder and Online Volunteering. What makes social coder really cool is their partnership with the Association for Computing Machinery ACM.

You get a free one year membership with ACM. Trust me its worth it, ACM membership cost some pretty big bucks. Now ACM in turn partnered with Safari Books Online to give ACM members discounts to programming books and access to read most of their books online for free!!:grinning:

Sorry I got carried away there :blush:. Social Coder and Online Volunteering give you opportunities to showcase your skills and most programmers get full-time jobs through them.


thank you for your time ^^

My advice would be - don’t depend on FCC! The projects here are great and so is the community. But the learning material is very average. Seek out the best learning resources and you’ll start to make good progress and get motivated by your progress.

I would seek out really well structured materials - MOOCs, published books, and Codeschool.

@arw2015 What would you recommend as a better than FCC moocs covering JS or React?

For web development in general there is a very good John Hopkins course at Coursera. But it is intensive and really aimed at more experienced devs. The Codeschool JS course (paid) is the best single resource I’ve discovered by a distance . The best book for me is Kyle Simpson’s You Don’t Know Javascript - available for free online.

As for React, I am not so sure. There is less material around and I’ve only just started with it. Codeschool only has only React course, though it is solid. The official tutorial also looks good.

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do a little project that don’t require a backend (e.g. use localStorage if needed). plan it (on paper) and define when the project is done. it is important to end a project as a kind of reward. and yes, give yourself a little reward

For me going through material as fast as possible is how I stay motivated. That is the complete opposite of what most people suggest though.

The reason I still am able to learn is because by going through material so fast I can… go through lots of material. With just one source of learning material might be presented in a way that makes it difficult for you to learn, that problem is solved by being taught in many different ways.

Do you have any local groups you can join? Look at your local FCC group if there is one, or look on meetup. I find that meeting other people who are also learning really helps to keep me motivated. Sometimes we can help each other, but other times we’re learning different things. Still, talking to other people going through the same learning process helps.

Make sure you’ve established WHY behind your goal to learn coding. How to know your WHY is big enough? It should drag you out of bed early in the morning and keep you awake late in the night :slight_smile:

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I just read that article… Thats one of the best things I’ve read this year.

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Doing small side projects concurrent with what I am learning helped keep me motivated in the beginning. So if you are learning some JS for algorithms ,try to make a small codepen app that uses that algorithm with some CSS.

For example the algorithms project for primes, I used my code to make a pen with animated prime numbers falling off the screen. Goofy but fun. Reinforces knowledge and ties things together.

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