How to Stream Live Coding on FreeCodeCamp

Live streaming your code is an educational and invigorating experience for the streamer and the audience. If you’ve never seen live coding, check out our Twitch channel. We are actively looking for more streamers of all levels to code on the FreeCodeCamp channel.

We are currently moving away from using Twitch, we will update this page once details have been finalized.

Please follow these steps to get started:

  1. Get your computer set up to stream. This process varies depending on your operating system, and it usually involves downloading software to integrate with Twitch. Most Free Code Camp users use OBS, but you can find all of the supported software on Twitch’s site. Here is a useful guide on setting up OBS.
  2. Contact a twitch mod via gitter. They will help you get the stream key to get set up on the FreeCodeCamp Channel.
  3. Have fun streaming!

General rules/guidelines:

  • Although we prefer you to stream JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, you can stream any language you want. Just be aware that many of our viewers are only fluent with the languages and frameworks freecodecamp provides.
  • Language and content must be safe-for-work.
  • Before streaming, check the channel to see if someone’s already up and give a heads up about your plan to stream in the LiveCoding channel on gitter.
  • Please use a webcam if you have one - the audience wants to see you!
  • Use the chat room almost as a pair-programmer. Interact as much as possible and work together for best results.
  • Think out-loud as much as possible so that your viewers can understand what you’re thinking and doing.
  • Only copyright-free music please. Use Twitch Music as a guideline for what music you can and can’t use.

Please contact one of our mods in the LiveCoding chat room to get started today!