How to test API and microservices projects

Is there a way to test projects in API and microservices part? I tried to use FCC Back-end Tester for Exercise Tracker but it looks that it does not work even the working prototype

Any idea?

What do you mean with ‘test’? Did you set up a local environment?
Maybe Postman ( Postman home page ) could help you if i understand correctly ^^

The API and microservices projects tests aren’t working yet , there is an issue that is being worked on


Is there an ETA on when these will be testable? I just completed all five of my projects but don’t want to claim the certificate until I know I did them correctly.


Postman is basically what everyone uses to test API.

Really for REST services, what you are looking for is your endpoint point to the right resources

Google it - there are so many articles and Tools are available that used for API Testing.

From what I can tell, my projects seem ok, so I went ahead and claimed both certificates.

In addition to pricey-hugger glitch app, you can try this one:
Maybe there you will find tests for some project that you need.