How to test responsive web design projects

Hi, i have build first project in the responsive web design section, and i have passed the test, but is still unclear to me what URL to copy in the solution link field.
I have run the test in the chrome browser.
Any helps will be appreciated, thank you.

Welcome there,

You should paste the Live App URL in the solution input. A Live App URL is one which links to your publicly visible app - if you wanted to share your app with a customer/employer, which link would you give them?

Hope this clarifies


I’m thinking of Netifly or something like that, am i right?

Hey, That’s great. You can test in standalone and browser-based tools. Both have different functions or features. The browser-based tool will help you to check the responsiveness of the website by changing the viewport of the website based on its device size and resolution. On the other hand, a standalone tool tests the web content responsiveness in a device.

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