How to understand technology stacks?


So I am on my path learning HTML/CSS, Javascript and loving it!

But now that I need to assist in the real world (Volunteering for non-profit) I am exposed to words like Mongo, Sails, Node, Grunt, Bower, NPM and my head is spinning!

How can I get an overview of these things? preferable video content, but books, blogs any resource is appreciated




The only advice I could give you is learning one thing at a time, be sure to truly understand one thing before moving on something else. Because if you don’t and you’ll want to build a full-stack app (using the MERN stack for example : Mongo Express React Node), you’ll face too many challenges and it could be discouraging.

I learnt a lot with these YouTube channels :

DevTips : very good content if you want to do CSS-related things
Academind (it was Mindspace before) : if you want to learn more backend development especially with this and this

The new FreeCodeCamp beta covers more these subjects but there are still a few bugs on some challenges : freeCodeCamp beta


I think the fastest way would be to search for something like “web development overview”. I can’t personally vouch for this video, but it came up and seems well-regarded.


Very useful! I have a clearer path now

I would have preferer to learn Node, but since they use Sails I will have to learn that one first so I can help them. … Hopefully, from there I can learn Node anyways, I plan to focus most in the front-end though, so I will only learn what I need to do my job…

I am glad they use Mongo, it will be useful for me to learn that.
The rest seem to be utilities (grunt, bower) they will have to tell me how are they using them, if they are.

Yes! one at a time

I actually want to be a front-end developer, with a medium knowledge of the backend…
Since they used Sails for the backend, I will need to learn some basics, especially to understand the folders and file structure in the repository

so I am thinking:

  1. JSON, which should not take me long
  2. Basic Sails, ( and Basic Node later, which is what I want for my personal projects)
  3. Angular

What do you think?

Why not follow the freecodecamp frontend path if you want to be frontend? The backend will make a lot more sense afterwards - also much more fun

Json is a data format - learning it without the context of data needed for specific problems is quite dry

Good news! Sails is a Node framework.

Sails makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps.

Good news indeed! I feel kinda silly now, but it is good news :slight_smile:

I am totally doing FCC @ppc , but since I am an intern, I need to hit the floor running and work on specific enhancements ASAP…

this doesn’t sound like you’re hitting the ground running - more like you’ve been thrown into the deep end - I suggest getting help from your mentor rather than browsing your way to a solution - be up front about what you don’t know - ask questions about specific uses of each technology

pick a small piece of the project - scope it out with your mentor’s help - let your mentor guide your solution as much as possible


In case someone else has the same question, after the video recommended by PortableStick, this one goes into even more detail:

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If you want a good laugh and your head to spin with Javascript jargon, I recommend this piece:

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Check out this tuts.
I have recently finished this tutorial. It may help you to what are you trying to go level up.
Note: If your interest to enroll this course don’t buy until discounted every 15 days, months offer and discount only $9, $10, $15 etc.

Choose project that you wish to develop for yourself. It can be your books catalog (e-library), web based pedometer etc. Something that you really interesting in.
Then take vanilla nodejs and make simple JSON API for it. After that add simple frontend (React for example) app for the API.

You can ask (in git hub issues) for help in your way, I (and probably someone in the community) can help you.

First step — choose your project and create GitHub repository :slight_smile:

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